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At The Good Life Company (TGL Co.), we emphatically believe that the world’s finest teas and blends should be an everyday luxury that celebrates sophistication, tranquility and good health. TGL has always maintained that it will stand for providing “The Good Life” to its customers who experience their offerings from standpoint of high quality and Innovation.

And that is why we are devoted to bringing an articulate revival to the known tea experience by sourcing the best teas in the world and masterfully blending them with innovative flavours and botanicals.

We source our teas from where they grow best, which creates a high-quality brew that sings with distinctive aroma and flavour. We then surprise these teas with infusions of thoughtfully selected botanicals and flavours that create a sensational harmony on your palate.

TGL Co.’s Black tea comes from Sri Lanka, Kenya and Assam, Green tea comes from Yunnan and Fujian province of China and Japan, Oolong tea from Taiwan and white tea again from Fujian province of China and parts of Darjeeling while Yellow tea comes for Darjeeling.

Some of our most treasured teas, like the White bud Yin Zhen tea, grow best in the specific altitude and shaded plantation where we ensure what should be at the nearby plantations. Tea grows deep routed Tea like wine grows with deep roots, so where our teas are grown we have taken efforts to grow vegetables, fruits and flowers next to these tea leaves, so when you taste them, though they are non-flavored you get a fruity aftertaste.

With every brew and blend, we’re reviving the concept of tea and taking it places to where it has never been before.

We are extremely particular that we provide an experience which has unmatched attributes and hence our proprietary blends include barberries from Iran, Schizandra berries from Russia, thistle flowers from Scotland, Chamomile is from Italy while Rooibos is from South Africa and while mangoes and strawberries come in from India.

It is no coincidence that our logo too symbolises the Ancient Tea Horse route which first enabled teas to travel beyond China. We want to take it much further, into a new era of unwavering excellence, towards the rapidly increasing tribe of tea aficionados, to re-imagine it, no longer as a legacy drink, instead as one that entices, excites and rejuvenates.

The Good Life Company (TGL Co), started its operations from India and has established business operations to other parts of the world through many partnerships, one such association is for UAE where Panella Food Pvt Ltd, the owner of The Good Life Company (TGL) brand has partnered with ZUS Venture GS LLC to make the people of UAE get accustomed to the finest of the Teas, 100% natural ingredients used in proprietary blends, which have never been done before.

There are factors that will play an important role in UAE’s tea journey – the demographic profile of the country (UAE has a young population and a mix of nationalities who all like to have their teas in a particular way), and a much bigger focus on health and wellness as a lifestyle.