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Live The Good Life with luxury tea blends in UAE

TGL – The Good Life Company, name synonymous with Speciality Teas, handcrafted in Europe, mixed with exotic ingredients comes from across the world, to give the customers, the best experience in the flavored hot beverage segment.

Award winning hot beverage company uses the expertise of culinary experts from taste perspective and botanists from health perspective to churn out proprietary blends, unique only for the TGL customers worldwide.

Tea buying is an experience and it cannot be left to be bought as an afterthought. After water, tea is the most widely consumed beverage in the world and something which adds to your wellbeing and lifestyle.

One of the most important step while making the tea is how we brew the tea and for how long has the tea been steeped. It is significant because, most of the time it has been noticed that people tend to forget when the tea infuser, in case of loose teas or tea bags, need to be removed from the tea pot. It has been a common mistake made which makes the tea bitter after some time and thus does not leave a good after taste, turning the tea experience into not so memorable one.

We recommend and have put the steps of good tea making on all our informative literature and packaging’s ensuring that our tea consuming patrons remember the aroma and taste of our teas for a long time to come.

Our proprietary blends are best suited for all occasion, which is why we have categorized into 4 broader classifications of Essentials, Wanderlust, Desert and Connoisseur collections. Our Teas are sourced from where they grow best, widespread from Asian sub-continent region due to the most optimal climatic condition for its potent growth. Our Green teas are sourced from China, Japan and India; our white teas are sourced from Darjeeling in India and Fujian province of China, our Black teas are sourced from Sri Lanka and Kenya while our Oolong teas are sourced from Taiwan.

Our Ingredients used in carefully selected blends, under the expert supervision, are also sourced from where they grow best and which is what makes our teas unique and exotic. We use 100% natural ingredients and what gives our customers to steep more than once to get the same taste as you get from the first steep.

Some of the mostly used ingredients and the countries where they are sourced from are as follows,

Barberries are from Iran, Schizandra berries are from eastern Russia, Mallow petals are from Western Europe, and Muira Puama is from Amazon rain forest, mango and strawberry from India. We are concentrating a lot on the wellness side of tea drinking habit and are soon coming out with the wellness range of teas and Tisanes.

Our teas can be bought from our website – www.thegoodlfecompany.me giving you the choice to pick up between loose teas and Tea bags. Our corporate packs are quite unique providing a character to our teas when offered in the working atmosphere, while our retail packs add the zing of color and eye pleasing visuals which can be flaunted at home when you have guests over.

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