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May 13 is Mother’s Day and we’ve figured out the most perfect gift for moms

What do you gift someone who doesn’t really need anything?

Mother’s Day shopping is always tricky. And we get that. This is a person who deserves nothing less than the most perfect gift in the world and nothing that’s off-the-shelf or a gift guide quite cuts it.

(No pressure!)

This year, we put our heads together to collect inspiration on gifts moms are sure to love. And every time the conversation kept turning to gifting personal ‘experiences’ than ‘things’. We figured moms everywhere crave some time, whether it is with their kids, families or just some ‘me’ time of their own. And personal gifts are every mom’s favorite. Nothing is more personal than quality time with the people she loves, including herself, and that’s the emotion we drew on to put together this simple list of fail-safe, uber-personal experiences that moms everywhere are sure to love this Mother’s Day.

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